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What to expect at your first visit:

Your Doctor will take you through a comprehensive functional movement evaluation and orthopedic evaluation, discuss the nature of your condition, medical history, and your goals for treatment. Here's what you can expect during a visit:

  • A clear diagnosis and specific, reasonable plan to help you meet your goal

  • Treatment that includes manual therapy and/or an adjustment to reduce pain and restore movement

  • Rehabilitation and corrective exercises are performed to target your strength and balance

  • We empower you with instruction and strategy to ensure out get out of pain quickly and overcome pain long-term

The Tangelo team has dozens of years of experience in helping people to live their healthiest lives.

With a profound passion for providing the highest level of care, our team continually hones his skills through daily training to perfect our craft. We perceive chiropractic adjustments and rehab as a skill that requires constant refinement. Our unwavering commitment is to empower each individual who enters our practice, to guide them towards their full potential by fostering reconnection to themselves and to facilitate genuine healing.

Your well-being is our priority, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve a life of optimal health and vitality.

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Brianna H.

Dr Kim is simply amazing. She is so skilled at finding where in my body needs work, and her chiropractic adjustments are great. She recently told me to foam roll after riding the bike since I was having some hip pain after the bike, and it has not surfaced since. 10/10 recommend Dr Kim, all the other staff there is also very friendly, knowledgeable, and welcoming.

Paul P.

The team at Tangelo is amazing, and from the moment I walked through the door, I felt welcomed and supported. Everyone on the team is so positive and professional. They genuinely listened to my concerns and created a personalized treatment plan. Thanks to Dr. Aaron's and Nick's expert treatment, guidance and encouragement, I was able to get back to running much sooner than I had anticipated. I highly recommend them!

Ashley J.

If you’ve tried other PT and Chiropractors, and given up, there is still hope! Tangelo helps people who have been through the ringer and tried everything. Even better, they’ll give you an experience that makes you WANT to come back and look forward to your appointments. Even though the docs ultimately give you all the tools & resources in order for you to not have to.

I am an Orangetheory Coach and constantly have things popping up preventing me from working out. Dr Bart and Dr Aaron have helped me most but they are all fantastic and make you feel welcome & cared for. I recommend all my OTF members to go here!

Grant K.

I had an outstanding experience at Tangelo, my go-to physical therapy clinic for a knee injury I have been dealing with for quite some time. They have an amazing staff and a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Dr Joe was very knowledgeable and tailored an excellent treatment plan specific to my needs, incorporating a variety of exercises, stretches, and techniques to aid in my recovery. Their expertise and patience helped me understand the intricacies of my injury and how to prevent future problems. I highly recommend Tangelo to anyone in need of physical therapy, as they truly prioritize their patients' well-being and rehabilitation journey.